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Royal Society of Chemistry SPR: Organophosphorus Chemistry Vol. 49 out now!

– Posted on 16.06.2020

A collection of up-to-date reviews from experts in their field across a wide range of research topics on phosphorus chemistry is available now!

Organophosphorus Chemistry: Volume 49

Series: SPR РOrganophosphorus Chemistry

Editor(s): David W Allen, David Loakes, Lee J Higham, John C Tebby

Table of contents

  • Tertiary Phosphines: Preparation and Reactivity
  • Phosphine Chalcogenides
  • Tervalent Phosphorus Acid Derivatives
  • Phosphonium Salts and P-Ylides
  • Quinquevalent Phosphorus Acids
  • Pentacoordinated and Hexacoordinated Compounds
  • Phosphazenes
  • Green Synthetic Approaches in Organophosphorus Chemistry: Recent Developments